Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green spent the weekend at the 2013 Brazilian Carnival in Rio de Janeiro -- and while Megan looked like she was enjoying herself, her "90210" hubby seemed slightly unamused. How could you possibly be bored holding a conversation with her? Or even just being in her presence?

Brian is alright, but I'm a Fox fan -- there's something very likable about her. She may not be a very good actress, a rocket scientist, or even able to navigate Twitter (me neither) -- but she's pretty and nice, and well ... that's enough for me. What you see is what you get with the "Transformers" actress, and it works for her.

She's also a girl that I think would be a lot of fun to hang with. Spending late nights together with good wine, cheesy movies, and deep conversation about our hopes and dreams. Like how to be the hottest mom possible, having perfect hair, or how I still think Marylin Monroe is awesome, even if she doesn't anymore. Like I said, really deep stuff.

If only we were friends in real life. Check out the gallery below to see Megan through the years.

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