The cutthroat Hollywood Week continued on "American Idol," this time with just girls. That meant one thing: drama!

Like the males, the female hopefuls were placed into pre-determined groups. There were divas, dissenters and even some deserters. With only one night to pick a song, choreograph and practice their routines, tensions were high

Check out the 5 can't-miss performances below:

1.  The Swagettes

One of the few groups to gel early on (and get some much needed rest), this foursome showed some real swagger. Candice Glover, a returning contestant from last year and standout this season, led their strong performance. She's one to watch:

2. The Dramatics

This group definitely lived up to their name, when Janel Stinney refused to practice with her group members. Their pre-performance interview showed just how disconnected Janel was, and when she forgot the lyrics, things went from bad to worse.

3. Raisin' Kane

These country cuties raised the roof with their performance to The Dixie Chicks' "Sin Wagon." They nailed their harmonies, their moves, and most importantly, they had fun.

4. The Dolly Chicks

Another country group -- The Dolly Chicks -- were far less prepared than Raisin' Kane. Haley Davis felt ill and turned in early. She didn't know the lyrics, so she wrote them on her arm. But it was young Brandy Neely, who practiced all night, who was sent packing.

5. The Misfits

This group included our favorite Angela Miller (seriously, she could win the whole thing), Janelle Arthur and the one and only Kez Ban. For some reason, they decided on the classic Ronettes song "Be My Baby." Their styles and voices were totally mismatched but somehow it all worked. They all made it to the solo round.

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