The "American Idol" producers REALLY want a girl to win this season, telling viewers over and over that Season 12 has the best female contestants ever.

And they may have found her in Angela Miller. The 18-year-old wowed Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban with her original song during the solo round.

She tops our list of the cant-miss performances from Hollywood Week.

1. Angela Miller

The judges have all but anointed Angela as "The One," which they called Season 10's runner-up Lauren Alaina. Angela is even more poised than Lauren, writes her own song and plays the piano. If anyone can go all the way, it's her. This is one of the best Hollywood Week performances in the show's history. A star is born:

2. Candice Glover and Janelle Arthur

Two other contestants that have been getting the big push are soulful Candice and country songbird Janelle. Both auditioned before, and their experience helped secure them spots in the top 20 girls.

3. Shubha Vedula and Juliana Chahayed

These talented teens also secured spots in the top 20 with strong performances. Shuba took a big risk by singing Mariah's hit "When You Believe" (a duet with the late Whitney Houston), but it paid off. Juliana hasn't gotten a ton of screen time, but she has one of the purest voices we've heard on "Idol."

4. Melinda Ademi

The judges really like Melinda, and so do we. Whereas most of the other girls sang ballads, Melinda did an upbeat Jessie J song, and killed it.

5. Zoanette Johnson

Zoanette's solo effort was billed as "the most shocking," and it was definitely the most strange. She took the drums, stripped down, and proceed to surprise (and scare) the judges with an ad-libbed performance. She may be too unpredictable for the live shows, but she's one of a kind:

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