media_removed_toofab 2013

John Travolta turns 59 today, but at least one part of him is much younger: his hair.

The actor, who's starred in films ranging from the acclaimed "Grease" to the panned "Battlefield Earth," has also sported a range of hairstyles.

John's hairline is one of Hollywood's great mysteries ... it's gone from long to short to long again in the span of a week (as seen in the photos above).

He's also sported some crazy coifs on screen, from dreadlocks in the aforementioned "Battlefield," to bleach blond hair in "Love Song for Bobby Long."

Check out his ever-evolving hair, below:

media_removed_toofab 2013

We have to say that despite all the controversy surrounding John, he is incredibly gracious to us on the red carpet. Send your birthday massage message below!

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