Normally, it's Kim Richards who bails out of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" events (her prior excuses have included losing her passport and getting hit in the nose by her dog).

But since Kim was hosting a party in honor of her new nose on last night's episode, she couldn't flake. Another one of her castmates did though -- Taylor Armstrong.

Taylor couldn't make Kim's rhinoplasty reveal because she had ... wait for it ... fallen in love (Taylor's husband Russell Armstrong committed suicide last year). The news came as a surprise to Kim and her sister Kyle Richards, but it was something else that Taylor said that left their mouths agape. Watch:

That's right, Taylor didn't know (or seem to care) about the whereabouts of her own daughter Kennedy. Let's just say she's not going to win any Parent of the Year Awards.

As for Kim's new nose, everyone oohed and ahhed. You can see the results along with more "Housewives" pre- and post-plastic surgery photos below!


What do you think of Kim's new nose, and more importantly, Taylor's parenting skills? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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