I'm probably the biggest "America's Next Top Model" fan out there, but even I admit the show was feeling stale. Creator Tyra Banks tried shaking things up in the past with "themed" seasons. Some were interesting (short models) and others were a stretch (USA vs. UK).

For Cycle 20, male models will also be in the mix. Introducing guys is a smart move and will (hopefully) change the dynamic of the show. Will the guys be just as catty? Will romances develop? And how will the infamous nude shoots go?

Update: Here's the brand new trailer for Cycle 20:

Here's the first look at the seven guys and seven girls vying for the title of "America's Next Top Model." With 5,000+ Facebook likes, it looks like Don (above left) is already a favorite (the viewers votes factor heavily into the eliminations). As for the girls, Jourdan is in the lead with nearly 3,000 likes.

There's definitely some untraditional-looking models too, including wide-eyed, European-looking Nina (above center), who's a little reminiscent of fan favorite and all-star Allison Harvard.

What do you think of the new crop of "ANTM" hopefuls? Tell us in the comments below.

-- By Lawrence Yee

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