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Long before she was facing off against aliens in this weekend's "Dark Skies," Keri Russell tackled something even scarier: College.

Back in 1998, Russell starred as the title character in "Felicity," a college freshman from Palo Alto, CA who followed her high school crush to NYC.

The show ran for four seasons on The WB and is best recognized now for its ratings dive after Russell chopped off her trademark curly hair.

With a supporting cast of hot guys like Scott Speedman and Scott Foley and gal pals like Tangi Miller and Amy Jo Johnson, the show was definitely easy on the eyes.

But how have the stars aged in the 10+ years since it went off the air? Find out in the gallery above!

And check out Keri in action on FX's "The Americans" ... and this weekend in theaters. Watch the "Dark Skies" trailer below:

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