YIKES. Well if that wasn't awkward we don't know what is...

While wrapping up an interview with Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones during the live E! Red Carpet show at the Oscars, Ryan Seacrest totally dissed the "Chicago" Oscar winner.

E! has been pimping out its "mani cam" for several awards shows now, and had already committed a huge faux pas earlier when Jennifer Lawrence bent down to deliver a funny message to Emma Stone -- only to find out the camera had lost power.

Fail #1.

Fast forward to the end of the Douglas/Zeta-Jones interview. Seacrest finishes his fashion questions, thanks the couple for their time and turns to camera to toss to co-host Giuliana Rancic.

Catherine must have been excited about the mani cam all day because she eagerly exclaims "Do you want me to do this?!" while wiggling her fingers ... only to be totally ignored.

Fail #2.

Seacrest even paused, seemingly taking in what she said, yet still brushed off the request. (Ok sure, someone was probably talking to him via his earpiece, it is live TV afterall, but just look at Catherine's face. So. Uncomfortable.)

You have to see it to really take in the awkwardness. Watch the clip above.

Plus, check out all the fashion moments below:


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