Krazy party girl/pop star Ke$ha turns 26 years old today!

The "Tik Tok" singer is almost as well known for her eccentric antics as she is for her music. There's never a dull moment when she's on stage, in a music video, giving an interview ... basically, when she's doing anything.

The true definition of an entertainer! Right?

As the "Die Young" singer turns a little bit older, here's 10 of her wildest moments through the years ... which in Ke$ha's world is just another Wednesday.

Happy birthday Kee-$ha (as her super-fan/"Teen Mom 2" star, Janelle Evans pronounces it).

1. Ke$ha admitted to Conan O'Brien that she had sex with a ghost (yep, you read that right)!

2. Ke$ha drank her own urine for her MTV docuseries, "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life."

3. She also fed her friends an Italian dessert from her mouth ... the same way a mother bird feeds her baby. Just watch.

4. Ke$ha actually has brushed her teeth with Jack Daniels! She told Maxim in 2010, “I have. I woke up in Vegas once and there was no toothpaste, but there was some leftover Jack Daniel’s. I figured it would be good for my morning breath.” Gross.

5. Ke$ha opened up to Ryan Seacrest about living with some guy she “thought was her dad” but he was a “loser” and she knew he wasn’t her real dad, because he had a video game chair … it’s better if you watch her explain it:

6. Ke$ha took the shaven-Rihanna look one step further, she studded her head with glued on the metal pieces.

7. Ke$ha got “Suck It” tattooed on her inner bottom lip.

8. She actually sported a manicure with the word “penis” ... and shared it with all of her twitter followers.

9. She also licked (and kissed) furries in her music video for "C’mon."

10. Ke$ha was almost unrecognizable at last year's MTV Video Music Awards … she looked normal. Hey, she cleans up pretty nice!


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