There's at least one person in Hollywood who isn't drinking the Anne Hathaway Haterade: Anderson Cooper.

While a good percentage of the country continues to bash the actress for stunts like these, Cooper can't stop defending her ... getting in Anne's corner for the second day in a row on his talk show.

"I did not realize there is a certain segment of the population which seems to have something against her based on no evidence," he told guest cohost Vivica A. Fox.

"You don't know her, you don't know anything about her, you've never met her and she gave a perfectly lovely Oscar speech," he continued.

Responding to stories that she heavily rehearsed her acceptance speech, he added "If you were making a speech in front of a bazillion people, you'd probably rehearse it too!"

Check out the video above to see Anderson compare Hathaway to the seemingly-perfect Jennifer Lawrence. Plus, find out what Vivica had to add about her former "Ella Enchanted" costar!

How do you feel about Anne? Does she get a bad rap or is it deserved?

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