One of the funniest films in theaters right now is the college comedy "21 & Over," helping us all re-live the crazy time that is the night of your 21st birthday.

Before the film's release, we caught up with the cast and scored some fun secrets from the set! (Warning: Some spoiler-y facts below. Don't read if you don't wanna know!)


1. Miles Teller didn't want to be "the leading man."

It's not every day that you find an actor who'd rather play the jerk sidekick than the leading man, but ladies and gentlemen, meet Miles Teller (above left).

"I was supposed to go for Casey 'cuz he was the attractive leading man who gets the girl," Teller confessed, but he wasn't having any of that. "I was like 'No, I think Miller's a lot funnier.'

"I went in ... and was like 'I'm not reading for Casey, I'm reading for Miller. This is my part.' That was the closest to my own voice that I read in a script in a while, so I felt pretty good about it." As he should, he was perfect in the role!

2. Yes, Justin Chon really ate a tampon.

While watching the sure-to-be-classic sorority house bathroom scene, Justin Chon (above center) proved that he's a method actor. While we thought he was chewing on a marshmallow or maybe some gummy candy, he was actually eating a real tampon!

"[It was made of] tampon. Cotton? Girls? I don't know the material exactly," co-star Miles chimed in when asked what the object was made of. "[It was] cotton," Justin replied. "It was delicious. Oh yeah, I'm committed to this film." Gross.

3. Speaking of committed -- for Justin, keeping the teddy bear down there was, well ... suffocating.

"There was a few different ones ... the pouch, drawstring one hurt like sh-t!" Chon lamented. "If you tie it on loose, when you're running it'll fly off so you gotta do it pretty tight. So after about an hour my balls are hurting like a mother----er. It hurts really bad. But that one was the one you that can't see anything, it looks the most real but it hurts the most. You gotta pay to play, man!"

Don't ever let anyone say that Chon isn't committed to his craft.


4. Justin wasn't the only one who suffered for art -- Miles was actually run over!

There's a good deal of golf cart driving (or should we say escaping?) in the flick, and it didn't all go off without a hitch.

"I was supposed to speed off in a golf cart and Miles was supposed to jump on it while it's in motion," Skylar Astin (above left) explained. "Due to extras being kinda out of place and some props being strewn about, I had to quickly swerve as Miles was getting on.

"I thought he was on, he thought he was on too, [but] he went and I literally threw him under the bus and ran over his foot. He soldiered on, finished the rest of the shoot on crutches. He was an absolute hero."

"It's still not healed!" Teller later shared. "I had to do the rehab and stuff, [it] swells up a little bit, it's all good. It's a good story."

5. On tube socks, ass makeup, and yes, that prosthetic penis

So how exactly did the guys prepare for so much nudity? Or warn their family and friends?

Skylar: "It was supposed to be approached very delicately, and we were told it was gonna be a closed set, on the warmest day of shoot. It turns out that it's freezing, everyone's there, and actually in our in first costume fitting they just hold literally a sock and a little underneath sock moment to keep everything in place, and were like 'Here's your fitting.' At first we had the moment where it was like fight or flight, and I think i was just like 'Let's just do it man, we have to do it eventually.' I just de-robed and was like 'This is everything.'"

Miles: "You just do it, after the first one you're pretty comfortable with everybody. Before that you have a guy doing your ass makeup in the trailer for like 2 hours. You're just having a conversation, it doesn't even matter. In the movie there's a lot more nudity than I thought. My buddy saw it and was like, 'Come on, man! it's too much.' I was telling my mom and she was like, "Oh my God, I haven't seen your butt since you were like 5,' and I was like, 'You're also gonna see my...' and she's like 'Oh my God, the nest! I'm gonna see the nest!'"

Justin: "I do wear a prosthetic penis so my mom will be like, 'It's not that big!' I can't wait for parents to see my stretchy d--k."

On that note, how can you not love this movie?! If you've not seen it yet, run to the theater now! And if you have, be sure to tell your friends. Come on, who doesn't like to laugh at dudes wearing tube socks and teddy bears on their junk?

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