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Aw, little Teeny is not so tiny anymore -- Thora Birch turns 31 years old today!

The adorable actress who played the loveable pre-teen in "Now and Then" has had huge success since starring in the cult classic.

The popular film followed four 12-year-old best friends during their very eventful summer filled with love, some mystery and heartbreak, set in a small suburban town in the 1970s.

Since starring in the popular flick, which featured stars like Demi Moore, Melanie Griffith, Rosie O'Donnell and Rita Wilson playing the girls' older selves, Thora's gone on to land roles in box office hits like "American Beauty," "Anywhere But Here" and "Deadline."

Sadly, Birch's co-star Ashleigh Aston Moore (who played Chrissy) reportedly passed away from pneumonia in 2007 and Walter Sparrow, who played Crazy Pete, also passed away in 2000.

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