On yesterday's TMZ Live, our coworkers hated on Kyle Richards' Twitter necklace.

Since we here at toofab are into all things "Real Housewives," we had to get her reaction during an event at her Kyle By Alene Too boutique in Beverly Hills.

"I'm always wearing things I carry in the store," Kyle told toofab's Lawrence Yee. "It's a really clever idea for tweetaholics like me."


"The younger generation loves it. It's the new version of the nameplate [i.e. the Carrie necklace Sarah Jessica Parker famously wore in 'Sex and The City']. Everyone who sees it wants to order one," the reality star turned fashionista added.

Sounds like Kyle's getting the last laugh ... all the way to the bank.

You can purchase your own Social Me Chic Social Media Cursive Necklace online at the Kyle By Alene Too website.

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