Jessica Alba
does it all. The California-born beauty is a busy film and TV star, wife and mom of two, fashionista, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and now the author of her very own book.

We're tired just thinking about it.

The 31-year-old just penned "The Honest Life" -- a handbook for healthy, eco-friendly living -- in which she shares personal experiences that led her to realize that something "needs to be done" about hidden dangers we face around us on a daily basis, and how to avoid them.

But let's rewind. Before the book came Alba's company, Honest, which has become a kind of personal battle cry.

0320_alba_single2"The idea and the mission just came from my own experiences," the "Sin City" actress shared with us her book launch party at the Mondrian Los Angeles last week.

"I was very sick as a kid. I had my appendix out and I had my tonsils out and I had cysts removed and I had major allergies and asthma -- my throat closed twice -- I had a kidney surgery. I didn't want my kid to have to go through what I went through as a child."

Alba explained that she knew something wasn't quite right after an unexpected problem arose when she was pregnant with her daughter Honor, now 4.

"I had an allergic reaction to the #1 recommended baby detergent that my mother [suggested]," she said.

"I had not only an allergic reaction, sneezing, but I got welts on my hands. Like, 'Mom, what's going on? How is this safe for babies? Can you imagine a newborn baby that doesn't even have an immune system or the defenses built up that I have? How can this be ok?'"

She sought to find out what caused the reaction, and what she discovered horrified her.

"I uncovered this whole world of toxic chemicals in everything from laundry detergents to counter sprays to dish soap to body care to shampoo to baby shampoo," Alba lamented. "The #1 leading family brand everyone has trusted all of these years -- there's carcinogens in the baby shampoo, cancer causing ingredients, and there's chemicals that numb your kids eyes in a lot of the tearless shampoos. Can't there be a tearless shampoo that doesn't have toxic chemicals?"

Unable to find such products, a determined Jess took matters into her own hands: "I had to create it."

0320_alba_single3The Honest Company line of non-toxic, eco-friendly and affordable products launched one year ago with just 16 items -- it now covers everything from baby care to cleaning products to personal grooming to skin care and more. Oh, and it all smells really good. Seriously.

Alba channeled her discoveries into "The Honest Life," where she offers tips and advice on topics like food, style, beauty and parenting -- all supplemented by really, really cute photos of her adorable family -- and she does it in a down-to-earth, real, and ... honest (sorry) way.

There really isn't anything Jessica can't do.

In all honesty (we promise that will be the last one), it's not your average, lame, celeb-scribed book. The insights are eye-opening, the tips are helpful, the recipes look delicious ... and The Honest Company and THE MOMS sure know how to throw one heck of a party!

Grab yourself a copy of the tome, available now wherever books are sold, and be sure to check out the Honest product line. Your body may just thank you.

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