Hey may not be able to complete a sentence or a thought, but Ryan Lochte has his own reality show!

"What Would Ryan Lochte Do" will debut April 21st on E!, the network that brought us The Kardashians. "WWRLD" will follow the Olympian-turned-celebrity as he navigates the world of fame, females, and family.

Check out this sneak peek of Ryan's reality show. Jeah!

The takeaways?

1. Ryan doesn't have a good grasp of the English language. He butchered both "emphasis" and "reciprocate."

2. Ryan doesn't have game when it comes to girls. Sure, he's good-looking and a gold medalist. But his pickup lines need a helluva lot more practice than his backstroke.

3. Ryan will be shirtless. A lot. Swimming definitely does the body good.

Will you watch "What Would Ryan Lochte Do"? Tell toofab in the comments below. As an added bonus, check out our gallery of hot Olympians, below!


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