You balked when we brought you the $40,000 crocodile backpack last year.

Now, there's a crocodile t-shirt that costs more than twice that much. Yes, a t-shirt!

The tee is from Hermes' Spring/Summer 2013 men's line. You may recognize Hermes as the label behind the infamous Birkin bags. The crocodile-skin shirt is being sold at Hermes' Madison Avenue flagship for ... wait for it ... $91,500. With New York's sales tax, the shirt's price could easily push into six figures.

Check out the photo (click here for the price tag the folks over at The Awl surreptitiously snapped up):

media_removed_toofab 2013
Of course, animal rights activists are in a furor over the shirt.

"The highest price for this rather cheap-looking and ludicrous Hermes T-shirt is paid by the crocodiles who were bludgeoned to death or even skinned alive to make it," PETA spokesperson Colleen O’Brien told "PETA suggests showing creativity, not cruelty to animals, and offering killer looks that no one had to be killed for to create."

Is this fashion insanity? Tell toofab in the comments below! Plus, see Hollywood's Hermes obsession below:


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