Former "Baywatch" babe Nicole Eggert almost needed a lifeguard of her own after rehearsals for celebrity diving show "Splash" went horribly wrong.

On last night's episode, viewers were given a peek into Nicole's practice runs for her high dive ... and one trial run ended abruptly when she accidentally fell off the board, hitting her legs against it as she went hurdling towards the pool.

Talking about the footage had Eggert in tears, as the event clearly had her shaken up.

"I have been solid with the dive and today I got nervous and my arms gave out from under me and I scared the heck out of myself and my kid. But you have got to move on," she was seen telling host Joey Lawrence.

The actress, who also talked about struggling with her weight, ended up looking pretty great in her swimsuit -- and also nailed her final dive.

After the judges and audience scores were tallied together, Eggert ended up having the highest score of the night.

Are you watching the show? Who are you rooting for?


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