It seems "American Idol" viewers have been enamored with stutterer Lazaro Arbos' (top right) back story more than his actual performances.

Did his two poor performances on Wednesday night -- including a group number that was so bad judge Nicki Minaj told the contestants to get off the stage and called out Lazaro by name -- finally seal his fate?

Apparently not. While Lazaro found himself in the bottom 3 -- along with the two remaining male contestants Burnell Taylor (top left) and Devin Velez (top center) -- it was Devin who received the lowest number of votes.

And despite an amazing reprisal of "Somos Novios" (which brought Mariah Carey to tears), the judges did not use their one save of the season on the talented teen.

There's no doubt in this pop culture reporter's mind that Lazaro should've been sent home. How many more good singers will get cut before he does?

It seems the powers that be at "Idol" are aware he's the weakest remaining contestant; he was the only one during Thursday's Top 8 group number that didn't get a solo:

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