Next weekend, thousands will descend upon Indio, CA for Coachella, the annual music and arts festival. Coachella is popular among the Hollywood set. Wanna look the part? Rock these eight fashion trends:

1. Right to bare arms

With temperatures soaring into the triple digits, keep cool in these tanks. Junk Food Clothing has men's and women's styles with a pop culture punch. Website:


2. I wish I could knit you

We love these sexy knit tops, but beware tanlines! Website:


3. On the fringe

From lace to fringe, check out these sexy trims. Website:


4. Off the chain

These simple but stylish chains will add some sparkle to any outfit. Website:


3. Hola ombre

These gorgeous gradients are totally on trend. Website: (shorts), (dress)


4. Romper room

These jumpers will keep you cool in the Indio Valley sun. Website: (left), (center and right)


5. Happy feet

Keeps your dogs from barking in these comfy and chic sandals for guys and girls. Website:


6. That's shade-y

Protect your eyes and discreetly check people out with these sunglasses. The Half Stack (far right) even glows in the dark. Website:


7. Bling it on

Leave the statement jewelry for the red carpet. Check out this simple but stylist budget-friendly bling. Websites:


8. In the hood

With names like Blue Jay, Coyote and Eagle Shawl, these hoods are perfect for the desert. The HB3 line even has built-in washable headphones. Website:

bluejay coyote eagle

Are you going to Coachella? What are you packing? Tell toofab in the comments below!

- Lawrence Yee

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