Kristen Stewart is often recognized, not for her acting, but for her always expressionless emotions ... the only thing worse than her permanent bored face -- her posture.

KStew turns 23 years old today, and to celebrate we bring you 10 shots of the actress looking more awkward than normal.

1. The Oscars is one of "red carpet seasons" biggest nights. Obviously Kristen showed up on crutches.


2. This is kind of a throwback, but who ever said it was okay to pose with your arm behind your back? AWKWARD!


3. There she goes with the arms again ... and her usual expressionless expression.


4. Posture KStew, posture.


5. She looks thrilled to be at an event for kids.


6. We are OBSESSED with this dress, but the least you can do is flash a smile!


7. Did she forget to brush her hair? She does not look prepared for this event!


8. Here's a hint of a smile (maybe?), but once again her hair needs to be fixed.


9. The evil eye.


10. She's giving "right back at ya" gestures. Enough said.

Click "Launch Gallery" above to see more of KStew's Style through the years!
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