Kelly Osbourne's
 keeping it real.

The 28-year-old covers SELF magazine this month, where she opens up about her scary seizure, staying in shape and keeping positive.

In March, Kelly had a 60 second seizure on the set E!'s "Fashion Police" -- and she still doesn't know what caused it.

"It came as a complete surprise to me and to my doctors," she tells the mag. "After five days in the hospital and getting tests, they still didn't know the reason beyond 'sometimes these things happen.'"

But one thing is for sure, those 60 seconds changed her life for the better, as Kelly renewed her personal vow to stay healthy (not just skinny).

While Osbourne has had tremendous success with keeping her weight off in recent years, at times she still struggles.


"I call myself a former fat person, and when you're an FFP, you still see yourself as the person you used to be. That's something I'm genuinely working on all the time," she confessed.

The reality star also shares some words of wisdom on finding self-love and acceptance.

"I don't compare myself to anybody else. It's OK to have a healthy envy and look up to somebody and set goals, but you have to realize that you're never going to be exactly that person. Wishing you were Angelina Jolie or J.Lo isn't going to change the fact that you're not. Why not start working with what you do have instead of what you don't?," she revealed.

Kelly finally feels happy with her body, and while she says her figure's not perfect, she loves it. Adding, "I don't want it to be [perfect]. That's so boring!"

To see the purple-haired beauty's full interview with the mag check out SELF.com and click "Launch Gallery" above to see more celebrity beach bods!

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