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It seems remakes and sequels are all Hollywood can come up with these days -- and today another one has been added to the list: "Weird Science."

The 1985 John Hughes movie is getting a "21 Jump Street"-style makeover, due out next year. The flick will reportedly be "edgier" and probably carry an R-rating.

The original flick, which was later turned into a USA Network television show, starred Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith as two nerdy teens who create the woman of their dreams (Kelly LeBrock) with some computer wizardry.

Like the "21 Jump Street" remake, we can probably expect a few cameos from the original cast -- so, what do they all look like now?

Check out the gallery above to see how well they've aged, plus find out what they've been up to in the past 28 years.

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