0419_tiffanys_launchDiamonds are a girl's best friend!

On Thursday, Hollywood's leading ladies came out in full force (for good reason!) for the 2013 Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Ball in New York City.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow looked like they were having the time of their lives, chatting up a storm, sipping on Moet & Chandon champagne, and trying on some very, very expensive jewelery.

Here's a fun fact: each of the ladies were wearing more money in jewels than most people make in a year!

SJP's giant diamond and tanzanite necklace is worth $265, 000 alone, Gwyn's sapphire and diamond cuff and butterfly broach are worth a total of $240,000, and Kate was decked out in morganite and diamond earrings and pink and white diamond rings, also worth $265,000.

Kind of sounds like a girl's dream come true, right? Good friends, strong drinks and diamonds ... everywhere.

This might be one of the cutest pictures we've seen of the ladies out and about. Click "Launch Gallery" above to see what Jessica Biel, Carey Mulligan, Michelle Williams, and more wore to the Tiffany's Ball!

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