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Today is pretty much a national holiday ... for stoners!

While marijuana isn't legal in every state, it has given us some pretty epic movie moments. So, to celebrate 4/20, we've pulled some of our favorite stoner scenes.

Check out the clips below, we promise you'll laugh!

Warning: These videos contain explicit material.

"Pineapple Express": The boys smoke the infamous weed

"Knocked Up": I am your stoner!

"True Romance": Floyd (Brad Pitt) gets a visit from the mob

"Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke": The guys smoke one giant joint ... with dog feces in it

"Super Troopers": The guys get pulled over, and eat their remaining weed

"Grandmas Boy": What is that ringing?

Gotta love stoners! Wonder what Rihanna is up to today?

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