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Mark Wahlberg and The Rock weren't the only ones packing on the pounds for their roles in "Pain & Gain" -- so did the flick's sexy stripper!

Bar Paly plays an exotic dancer named Sorina Luminita in the movie and she says she gained 20 pounds in three weeks to prepare for the role.

"I had to actually gain weight," the Israeli beauty told reporters at the film's premiere. "When I started just eating it went to my lower half so I had to start lifting weights for my arms so everything becomes more proportional."

Making her weight gain even more difficult: Pole dancing. Yep, this is a Michael Bay movie after all!

Since her stripper workouts "burn a lot of calories," Bar says she "eventually ended up drinking this shake that had 5,000 calories in it, which tastes basically like chocolate flavored concrete."

And the rest, is history.

Prepare to see a lot of Paly's physique when the movie opens this Friday -- because Sorina's costumes are very risque.

"She is the girl who wears everything a little too tight, too short, too inappropriate for the occasion," Bar says. "She uses her sexuality as a tool ... it's the only thing she knows." 

Something tells us a lot of guys will be more than O.K. with that.

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