She may be a Beverly Hills housewife, but Kyle Richards doesn't mind getting ... or talking ... dirty!

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star has teamed up with Clorox to contribute to their "Ick-tionary" -- a wiki of all things icky.

With four kids and three dogs, Kyle has seen more than her fair share of messes -- including the time costar Lisa Vanderpump trotted a llama through her home.

Check out a few of Kyle's entries to the dictionary of all things dirty:

"EW De Toilet:" The scent of the toilet area

"ImPAWSible:" When your dog gets mud prints on your white couch 

"Lady in Red:" The new nickname you get after spilling so much Shiraz on your white shirt by the end of the night.

Somehow, we think Taylor Armstrong has had many a "Lady in Red" moment.

When Bravo sets up cameras in her house, it's Kyle who makes sure everything looks immaculate. "They don't [help]. I like everything to look clean and spotless. It's always me doing last minute touches."

Kyle says her life is definitely not as glamorous as the cameras portray. "I'm just a regular mom," Kyle admits. "I was in a restaurant recently and Portia threw up all over my face and hair. I was covered in vomit. Everyone was looking at me. As a mom, you just have to laugh at these moments -- these disasters -- which is why it was so fun coming up with these Ick-tionary words."

As for day to day messes, Kyle likes Clorox wipes. "I'm also a germaphobe, and it gets rid of the germs. When the kids come home from school, they have stuff all over their hands and their backpacks. I also keep them in my car, since you don't know what the valet touched before your steering wheel."

As for the upcoming season of "RHOBH," which is reportedly underway, Kyle had this to say:

"I know that people like to see the drama that goes in our lives. Going into it, people thought Beverly Hills would be the most fake and it ended up being the most real of all the franchises, with Taylor and what my sister [Kim Richards] went through and Camille's [Grammer] divorce. My hope is that at the end of the day we can all come out and support each other and there's not so much arguing. But that's kind of hard to pull off around here."

To check out even more funny "Ick-tionary" words, go over to the Clorox website!

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