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Hard to believe those two are the same girl.

Just three years ago, Amanda Bynes posed for Maxim -- looking like a happy and healthy (albeit half naked) 24-year-old.

And now, she looks like the photo on the right.

With her cheek piercings, shaved head and erratic Twitter behavior, Bynes has changed a lot since 2009. And she may want to read her old interview with Maxim and follow her own advice.

"The things I Twitter about are the things I'd say on David Letterman or in Maxim," she told the mag back then. "It’s the stuff that I would say if I was doing an interview."

We're guessing she wouldn't talk about Drake "murdering" a certain part of her anatomy on "The Late Show."

"I don’t want to be photographed," she also said back then. "There are some girls who want it, but when I go out, I try to go in the back."

These days she not only posts a ton of photographs of herself online, the paparazzi follow her like crazy -- and she posts their pics too! Clearly not keeping a low profile.

And then there's this.

"My parents kind of wish I didn’t have a Twitter," she said. "But it’s for people who are my fans. If you’re not my fan, don’t go on my Twitter."

We haven't heard anything from or about Amanda's parents recently, but we're guessing they still wish their daughter didn't have Twitter.

Where do you think it all went wrong? Sound off below.

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