"Mad Men"
star Christina Hendricks and her famous figure turn 38 years old today!

Hendricks, who plays the sassy Joan Holloway on the hit AMC show, always sets tongues wagging whenever she steps out on the red carpet, thanks to her curvy figure and sexy, eye-popping ensembles.

You'd think she was born to be a star, but belive it or not acting was never her dream job!

Hendricks told Flare Magazine, "I always wanted to be a florist. Unless you’re buying flowers for a funeral, you’re only going in there for a pretty happy reason. In fact after the first season of 'Mad Men,' I worked at a florist. We had shot the pilot and it hadn’t aired yet."

To celebrate Hendricks' b-day, we put together a gallery of her most revealing looks ... and trust us, there are a lot of 'em!

Check out her hottest styles above.

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