Warning: This post contains spoilers about the end of "Iron Man 3." If you haven't seen it yet, stop reading and get to a movie theater immediately. It's goood.

With the massive success of "Iron Man 3," one question remains: Where does Tony Stark go from here?

The movie tied up a lot of loose ends for Robert Downey Jr.'s character and concluded with Stark blowing up all of his super suits to live happily ever after with Pepper Pots.

But, if you stayed through the credits and watched after the cute scene with Mark Ruffalo, you noticed the movie ended with a slate saying "Tony Stark Will Return."

So, does this mean RDJ will be back for "The Avengers 2"? While it's not confirmed yet, it's a pretty good sign that we'll see him in some capacity in the flick.

But with the credits specifically saying "Tony Stark Will Return" and not "Iron Man Will Return," he may not step back into his famous exoskeleton.

Maybe he'll help out S.H.I.E.L.D. from headquarters or create some new gadgets for the team of superheros.

Robert himself has toed the line about whether he wants to do any Marvel movies after a second "Avengers" -- but told Jon Stewart he was still "renegotiating" with the company just last week.

If Robert decides not to star in any future flicks, Disney and Marvel face a few different options:

1.) They could just call it a day on one of their most lucrative franchises and not make any more "Iron Man" movies. Hard to believe, but stranger things have happened.

2.) They could recast the role of Tony Stark. While RDJ is Tony, big movie roles like this have been recast in the past with great success. Just look at Batman and James Bond.

3.) Someone else could take up the mantle of Iron Man. At the end of the new movie, Tony sets up 10-year-old kid Harley with his very own tech lab. Harley could pull a Robin and take over, like Joseph Gordon Levitt's character at the end of "The Dark Knight Rises." 

There's no shortage of characters in the Marvel universe and with Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy already in the works, is it time to say goodbye to Iron Man?

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