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Leonardo DiCaprio plays "The Great Gatsby" this weekend ... and, like his onscreen counterpart, Leo comes from some pretty humble beginnings.

Before he garnered critical acclaim in movies like "This Boy's Life," "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," "Romeo & Juliet" and, the biggest break of them all, "Titanic," Leo worked the small screen.

The actor was added to the cast of "Growing Pains" in the show's final season, playing wayward teen Luke.

The role quickly made him a staple of magazines like BOP and Tiger Beat and his appeal would only grow as he got older.

Pretty crazy how successful he's been since!

Check out the gallery above to see how he and the rest of the show's cast have aged since "Growing Pains" went off the air in 1992.

"The Great Gatsby" is in theaters now.

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