We've brought you cute kids singing Bruno Mars and dancing to Beyonce, but this adorable girl has a true talent: she's an encyclopedia of Marvel Comics trivia!

Instead of testing little Mia Grace on spelling or arithmetic, her parents pepper her with trivia about Marvel superheroes like The Avengers, Fantastic Four, The X-Men and more.

And if you think they're just asking her questions about the recent movies, they go real deep.

"Name me the stones in the Infinity Gauntlet," Mia's dad asks. "Time stone!" she replies, before going into great detail about the Soul Stone (yes, ubers, they're technically Infinity Gems, not stones).

Watch Mia below. Stan Lee would be proud:

Somehow we get the feeling this Marvel girl's dad reads her comic books instead of nursery rhymes.

Bryan Singer and Joss Whedon take note -- you need to cast this girl stat!

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