What do you do if you're a really, really, really, really, really, really, really good-looking guy? Play off your looks, of course!

31-year-old model Josh Button is the face (and body) of Diet Dr Pepper's new spot. He follows in the footsteps of fellow "hot guy" spokespersons Lucky Vanous (the Diet Coke break guy), Isaiah Mustafa (the Old Spice guy) and Anderson Davis (the Zesty Italian guy).

While Josh's ad (which you can watch below) is a spoof of the "hot guy" ads, sex still sells. Women have taken notice, including Kris Jenner, who tweeted, "The ladies in our house think this guy is a #oneofakindhottie! Gotta say, he is quite handsome!"

toofab caught up with Josh to talk about the Diet Dr Pepper spot and his reaction to it.

What did you think of the finished spot when you saw it?

Josh: I was stoked to see the comedic side play out before my eyes ... I'd be lying if I didn't worry a little bit about of how big of a clown I'd seem for boasting about my looks, especially without crediting mom and dad for these pristine genes ;). I wasn't sure exactly how it was going to come across. Even channeling a bit of Fabio, Zoolander, and Mustafa (Old Spice) didn't really convince me 100% that people would GET my take and realize it was a spoof.
toofab: Have you ever been mistaken for a celebrity (we think he's a ringer for another Josh, Josh Holloway):

Josh: I have been mistaken for a celebrity on multiple occasions. Although I usually chalk that up to people seeing what they want to, or the production I'm involved with at that time being large enough people just assume I'm someone famous.
toofab: What do you do to stay in shape?

Josh: Recently I've leaned on surfing and paddle boarding to keep myself where I want to be physically.  But I love a good circuit training session in the gym using weights and kickboxing for the cardio; or at home incorporating my Vew-do board and a routine I've practiced on that for a while (it's basically skating/balancing/surfing/push-ups/planks and endurance techniques to tie them all together). I really should make a video of the stuff with a professional!
toofab: The guy you portray in the commercial is exceedingly confident in his looks. Does your real-life attitude/personality match his?

Josh: Well, I am extremely confident. But Diet Dr Pepper's JB (Josh Button) is a trip. I must say, he may have brought cockiness to a new plateau for even me ;)
toofab: What’s the difference between a good-looking guy and a really, really, really, really, really, really good-looking guy?

Josh: Hmm, perhaps we should ask the ladies that one. I'm not the best judge of other guys; I just know the reactions I GET. Evidently there aren't too many of us. Lol! ( Let's just say I'm not a favorite wingman for most single guys on the prowl.)  Haha - what a question.
toofab: Who’d win in a fight? Dr Pepper Mountain Man, Nordic Thunder, or yourself?

Josh: Oh God...  I may just let those two rumble it out and then take down the survivor with my my best "magnum" or "blue steel" ... I mean Thunder plays the air guitar for days and Mountain Man rips down pine trees with his bare hands! If push comes to shove I'm calling in some assistance from my new friends that are watching this spot.

For more (very revealing) shots of Josh, check out his modeling portfolio over at Ford Models.

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