Is Jennifer Lopez too hot across the pond?

J.Lo appeared on "Britain's Got Talent" last night, where she performed her new single "Live It Up" wearing a leather leotard and matching thigh-high boots.

It wasn't her outfit that pushed the limits, but her sexually suggestive dance moves. Check out part of her performance below:

In addition to thrusting her crotch in the camera, J.Lo stuck her famous asset in her backup dancers' faces, and slid down a pole.

Apparently, the Brits weren't too happy about the raunchy routine.

A spokesperson for Ofcom -- which regulates broadcasting in the U.K. -- told MailOnline, "Ofcom can confirm that it has received complaints about the 'Britain's Got Talent' broadcast last night, which we are assessing but not currently investigating."

They also took to Twitter to express their outrage, calling the performance "disgusting" and "totally inappropriate."

The routine was very similar to the one J.Lo performed earlier this month at the Billboard Muisc Awards, which didn't generate too much controversy in America. 

What do you think? 

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