From top model to top mom!

"America's Next Top Model: All Stars" winner Lisa D'Amato is expecting her first child with husband Adam Friedman.

"I've always dreamt of that day. I will be the best mother -- trust that," the 31-year-old posted on Instagram. "By the time my nose is 100% healed from my accident I will have a new baby boy as well to share w/ my amazing husband. Projects get to have there [sic] debut all while this happens. Couldn't have been better timing, actually. 3 more months to go!"

The accident Lisa is referring to was a freak fall that required extensive plastic surgery -- and resulted in a new nose.

On "ANTM," Lisa was known for taking fierce photos, her musical skills, and talking to a plant. It looks like her accident and impending motherhood have tamed her wild ways.

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"America's Next Top Model" returns this August ... with guys!

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