Pop stars are getting younger and younger these days, but this is ridiculous!

Sophia Grace Brownlee, the 10-year-old British rapper who rose to fame on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" with her cousin Rosie -- just released a music video.

And like any duo where one half is more talented than the other, Sophia has become a solo star (poor Rosie isn't mentioned in the titlecard and is regulated to a featured extra role -- with no lines).

Check out Sophia Grace's "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun" below. It may quite possibly be the most disturbing video that you'll see all day:

Sure, it starts off innocent enough with Sophia Grace rolling around in her mini pink SUV. But then she starts flirting with a moppy-haired boy, rapping, "please don't get your feelings hurt because you'll get your turn."

Roshon Fegan makes an appearance as the party's DJ, and Sophia Grace name drops Nicki Minaj and Ellen DeGeneres, and that she's living the "Hollywood" dream.

It's one thing to have a guest gig on "Ellen," but this feels a bit exploitative to us. What do you think?

Plus, check out this gallery of Sophia Grace and Rosie in happier times.


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