Warning: mild spoilers below.

By now, you've probably seen the "Man of Steel" trailer with a scruffy Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) holding up a burning oil rig.

By mid-film Clark transforms -- almost instantaneously -- into the perfectly coiffed, clean-shaven Superman. It begs the question, how does the Man of Steel shave?

Gillette got five famous (and smart) Superfans to weigh in on the debate. We love Kevin Smith's and Mayim Bialik's explanations:

You can check out Bill Nye and the "Mythbusters" guys' theories here.

Henry himself fielded the question during today's press conference. His answer when asked "how does Superman shave?"

"Some things better remain a mystery" the handsome actor replied. So there you have it...straight from the horse's hero's mouth!

As a bonus, check out these "Man of Steel" costumes from today's press conference:


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