It's been 13 years since "Girl, Interrupted" -- and the "girls" in the movie are now grown women.

Angelina Jolie picked up a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her portrayal of wild child Lisa Rowe in the flick and today, she turns 38.

The actress has changed tremendously since the release of the movie, when she still was a wild child herself.

Since 1999, Jolie's gotten married and divorced, partnered up with Brad Pitt and currently has six children with him.

She recently made headlines by revealing she had a double mastectomy earlier this year as a preventative measure -- and stepped out this week for her first post-surgery red carpet.

The movie also starred Winona Ryder, the late Brittany Murphy and Elisabeth Moss -- who went on to star on "Mad Men."

See how they've all changed through the years in the gallery above.

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