There's a new hottie coming to Bon Temps this season on "True Blood" -- and she used to be a famous child star!

Jurnee Smollett-Bell joins the cast for the show's sixth season, which kicks off tonight on HBO. 

And while she recently appeared on "Friday Night Lights" and starred in the movie "Temptation" earlier this year, most of you know her from her roles as a kid on shows like "Full House," "Cosby" and the short-lived sitcom "On Our Own," where she costarred alongside five of her real-life siblings.

Smollett, now 26, will play an activist who comes to Louisiana to "help with the cause" on the vampire series ... whatever that means.

And it's clear she's got the sex appeal to stick around for a little while -- just look at what she wore to the show's red carpet premiere:


See how more TGIF stars have aged in the gallery above.

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