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Heather Donahue made quite the impression by screaming like a crazy fool in the woods in "The Blair Witch Project" back in 1999.

But soon after, she made like her character and disappeared into the wilderness.

The former actress just started a new column with Shine and, in her first post, explains why she ditched L.A. and now lives in the country.

"When I burnt up my LA life out in the desert, (headshots, resumes, lingerie, lint--a flaming rainbow) and moved up here, friends and family were bewildered," she says of her relocation.

"I live in a little barn with an unreliable internet connection and two bars on a clear day," the 38-year-old continues. "I am undistracted. This has helped me find the time to do the work I've dreamed of."

And what is that work? Well, after moving to Northern California, Heather began growing medical marijuana and starting her own business, Prettywell.

"Having a place where you can dance naked, bawl your eyes out or any of those human delights that in some other place would cause somebody to call the cops, are totally doable here," she adds.

Sounds like a good deal, right?

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