Thank goodness Dita Von Teese didn't listen to people from her past!

The raven-haired beauty's featured in Bwatt magazine where she shows off her envious curves, and opens up about what's made her who she is today.

Dita is known for pushing the boundaries, and while many think that what she does is risque, her work has brought Burlesque back into the spotlight.

So how did she get into Burlesque dancing? "It's kind of something that happened very naturally," she says. "I feel like the reason why I have this big Burlesque career is because I wasn't afraid of doing something that was considered risque, a taboo."

"I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't wandered into a Strip Club at 19 years old and thought to myself that this might be a big adventure to work in a strip club," she adds.

While the sexy star has gotten a lot of flak for her stripper past, Dita says that if she didn't have that experience, she wouldn't be able to do what she does today.

"You do it with integrity and honesty and authenticity with your own fascination for it and not really pay attention to what people think," she explains.

"If I did pay attention to what other people think I would still be blonde, I would not be wearing red lipstick and I would not be wearing cat eyeliner. If I had listened to what men in my life had said early on, or photographers said to me early on, I wouldn't be who I am," she confesses.

Make sure to check out bwattmagazine.com for Dita's full interview and click "Launch Gallery" above to see her sexiest looks!

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