Chrissy Teigen
is known for speaking her mind, and that's why we love her!

The model graces the cover of Vegas magazine where she opens up about living in the spotlight and her upcoming wedding to R&B crooner, John Legend.

On getting the call that she would be hosting "Model Employee":

"I started crying like a baby. It was embarrassing, but I was so happy. I had been waiting for an opportunity like this."

On her eating habits:

"I can’t eat whatever I want all the time, but I don’t deny myself either. I’ll have a great meal and then say to myself that I can’t eat like that tomorrow. I eat pretty normally unless I’m getting ready for a bathing suit photo shoot, and I’ve been getting into juices for that—things like kale and apple, not those disgusting cleanses with the cayenne and the maple syrup. I did that once and was staring at a cracker, and then I finally ate it and felt terrible about it! That’s no way to live."


On choosing to not Google herself:

"I learned a long time ago not to Google myself… But I read all the comments on my blog. I don’t really care if people say they don’t like the way I look or something like that. But if they say who do I think I am offering cooking advice or offering political opinions, then it can really hurt."
On why the swimsuit model will definitely not be having her wedding on a beach
“I truly hate the beach. The sand makes me feel dirty, and saltwater is my kryptonite. It’s like acid to me, and not the fun acid.”

On deciding on a Vera Wang dress for her upcoming wedding:

"There’s just something about her wedding dresses. You try on a lot of others, and then you put on one of hers and there’s just no comparison.”

On uploading (and quickly removing) a picture of herself getting spray tanned in the nude to Instagram:

"It was embarrassing. My mother took that picture, and I didn’t realize it would be such a big deal. I got 13,000 more followers right away after that! I think they thought, 'Oh yeah, I am going to follow this chick', but then found they were signing on to something else entirely. Now they get dog photos."

We can see why the photo was picked up -- the 27-year-old has one amazing figure! Make sure to pick up a copy of Vegas magazine to see Chrissy's full interview.

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