Even though P!nk and Carey Hart have had some pretty public ups and downs, according to her latest song, their relationship really is "True Love"!

The 33-year-old pays tribute to her husband in the new video which features the pop star singing to her motocross beau as he rides around on a bicycle. There's also a cute family shot which shows P!nk and Carey playing with their daughter Willow.

Lily Allen, who's on the track, also makes an appearance at the end. Check out the P!nk's video for "True Love" featuring Lily Allen below (Warning: PG-13 language):

The edgy singer sure has come a long way since her "Stupid Girl" days -- earlier this month she tweeted "my life was once about whiskey, tears, and cigarettes ... now it's snot, tears and the color of poop. #bliss."

P!nk is probably one of the coolest moms out there -- check out some sweet pictures of her and Carey's little girl below!


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