Paris Fashion Week 2013 is officially underway!  In previous years we’ve seen some crazy couture and high fashion looks and this year is no exception!

On the Jean Paul Gaultier runway, dramatic silhouettes and structures were making a statement.  This look (left) kind of reminded us of a harlequin china doll.

Avian inspired designs seemed to be a theme at the Sercan Cura Couture fashion show.  The big bird style (center) even came complete with a matching pair of feathery shoes.   

Tony Yaccoub was all about intricate details and extravagant gowns.  Our favorite was this confetti like peplum creation (right).  There is no way that dress could be comfortable.  

There was also a designer who débuted a Gumball mask and another look that had us feeling like we were under the sea.

Click the “Launch Gallery” link above to see more of Paris Fashion Weeks Craziest looks!

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