Zach Braff is a pretty cool dude!

In a viral video making rounds on the web, Zach helps a struggling musician, Matt Hulbert, propose to his girlfriend Janice.

The singer reached out to the "Scrubs" actor via Kickstarter, and convinced Braff to help! Check out the video above to see the girl's reaction, and Zach's cute intro to the sweet proposal.

The couple are both big fans of "Scrubs" so we're sure seeing Braff personally ask her to say yes was a very special moment.

We also love how the "Garden State" star was rocking out to Matt's song in the intro -- talk about an A-list promotion!

"I wanted to show her that not only do I love her but that she's loved by all our friends and family too," Hulbert posted on his YouTube page. "This was particularly important as she hasn't been able to see much of her family for 7 years since she moved to the UK and she misses them lots."

Bravo Mr. Braff -- you just scored major cool points in our book!

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