It's a bird ... it's a plane ... nope, that's a great white shark flying out of a massive tornado!

An incredibly ridiculous trailer for SyFy's latest creature feature, "Sharknado," was released last night -- and it's Tara Reid and Ian Ziering at their finest.

The two star in the flick about a freak force of nature that sweeps thousands of killer fish into the air, causing them to land all over Los Angeles and leave destruction in their wake.

Yep, flying sharks.

The trailer comes with a "Jaws" joke, tons of CG sharks whipping through the sky, an appearance from former "Baywatch" hunk Jaason Simmons and Ian chainsawing a giant Great White in half.

This awesome mess of a movie airs Thursday night on SyFy at 9pm. We know where we'll be.

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