After a self-mandated hiatus from the public eye, Lady Gaga is back -- and she looks better than ever!

The eccentric singer hit the streets of NYC on Thursday, showing off her ridiculous physique in a black skirt, matching lace bra, high heels and nothing else.

How sick does her stomach look? Looks like Gaga still found a way to work out while recovering from hip surgery!

But it's not just her bod that's on the rebound, so is her music career.

The 27-year-old just announced that her new album, ARTPOP, will be out November 11 and will be a multimedia "experience."

According to the singer, the album and accompanying app will combine "music, art, fashion and technology with a new interactive worldwide community" where users can "build and share their own projects, chat with one another and watch in real-time on a virtual globe."

Uh, O.K.

As for the music itself, the description gets even weirder.

Her Facebook page says the album "mirrors Gaga's creative process as she passes through the mediums of each artist she collaborates with, scoring a blueprint of her journey."

Are you ready for more Gaga?

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