Kat Graham's a triple threat: she models, she acts, and she sings!

toofab's Lawrence Yee caught up with the 23-year-old starlet to talk about music, men and ... Miley Cyrus?! Check out their candid conversation below:

toofab: Tell me about your single "Power" (releasing on iTunes July 30th) How did it come about?

Graham: I had finished a catalog of 60 songs. I sent the new catalog to management and to the label and they were like, "really great songs but the single isn't in here of what the next single needs to be." So I recorded three more new songs and one of them was "Power." The song I knew was the one.

toofab: What's the meaning behind the lyrics?

Graham: I wanted to open up. I feel like I was able to do that on "Vampire Diaries" -- people have been able to see me in my raw form -- but I have not yet done that in my music.

When I first met my fiance [Cottrell Guidry] I really had nothing. I was guest starring, I didn't have a deal, and I didn't have the amazing team I have now. He completely empowered me. I was in such a dark, hard place in my career and in my life and he made me feel so beautiful even without any makeup on. I wanted to show a vulnerable side of me, show honesty.

toofab: You recorded "Power" three times in three different ways. How did you settle on this version?

Graham: [Producer] Mitch Allen is the reason for this song.

We would just try different vocal adaptations of what would bring out the meaning of the song -- what could I do vocally, what could I be thinking about, and what I could be feeling? Basically it's what I do as an actor, to get from A-Z. By the time we finished it, we had so much to work with and Mitch did an amazing job engineering it.


toofab: You made headlines recently for wearing the same vintage Versace one day after Miley Cyrus did.

Graham: It's one of my favorite collections of all time. It's literally impossible to find this dress.
It's the most I've ever spent for a dress; I don't even want to say but we're talking a few zeroes!

What makes me like Miley even more is that she wore a dress from the same collection. What are the odds? I love her music, I love her image right now. I love that she's fearless. I love that she can appreciate archive collections like me. I can't think of any other artist doing that.

I loved it on her she looked terrific. It's probably the most bizarre coincidence I've ever had!

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