There's only one special man in Liv Tyler's life -- her son!

In the new issue of Net-a-Porter's fashion magazine The Edit, the actress opens up about her relationships with men and her family.

"To have a son was huge for me, because it’s been the most solid, healthy, consistent relationship I’ve ever had with a male in my whole life," she tells the mag.

One reason why the 36-year-old says her relationship with her son Milo is the "healthiest" one she's ever had, is because he doesn't see her as a big movie star -- just as mom!

"He couldn’t give a rat’s ass about me being famous or a movie star or anything. I learn so much from him," she confesses.


Liv welcomed Milo back in 2004 with her ex-husband, musician Royston Langdon -- and while she's had relationships here and there, the brunette beauty admits she still doesn't understand men.

"Men are a bit of a mystery to me in a way. They are visitors. They visit my life. I am always surprised when there is one around," Liv says.

Tyler admits that one big reason she doesn't understand men is because she was raised by women -- her father, Aerosmith frontmen Steven Tyler, was absent for most of her childhood.

Nevertheless, Liv doesn't view her female upbringing as a bad thing -- it's made her more self reliant.

"That’s made me incredibly strong and resilient. I’ve always been able to support myself and my family on my own," she explains.

Adding, "I find myself inspired all the time by my mother and my grandmother and their innate natural elegance, much more than fashion or trends that are hot right now."


One thing is for sure -- Liv is one classy lady!

"I always go back to the classic images; I can’t help but be influenced by Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Paul Newman and Steven McQueen, and the Kennedys," she says about her style.

For the actresses full interview with the mag, make sure to check out Net-a-Porter's The Edit. What do you think of Liv's interview? Tell toofab in the comment section below!

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