In its 10 seasons, "Bridezillas" has covered it all: bossy brides, dress diasters, and family fights.

But never before has a bridezilla told the producers she wants to stop filming.

Meet Bridezilla Miyesha. She wants nothing but the best on her big day, and money is no object because her fiance Brian is footing the bill.

When Miyesha tries to pull a fast one and "bury" the cost of the photographer, Brian finds out and is furious. When Brian turns the tables on their wedding day, Miyesha threatens to cancel the entire ceremony, including the "Bridezilla" cameras.

Check out a "Bridezilla" first in the exclusive clip below:

Do Miyesha and Brian make it down the aisle? And are the cameras invited back to document their day?

Tune into "Bridezillas" on Friday at 10pm on WEtv to find out!

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