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Roseanne Barr is a soundbite machine -- and during a very candid interview at Comic-Con on Thursday, she didn't hold back, dissing her former reality show and one-time "Roseanne" writer Chuck Lorre.

She also thinks John Goodman would make an amazing zombie.

The 60-year-old comedian was one of the special guests for TV Land's Comic-Con panel, where toofab's Brian Particelli and a small group of journalists got to ask her about anything their little hearts desired.

Check out the best bites from the incredibly candid conversation below:

Would you ever appear on "The Big Bang Theory" to reunite with her former costar Johnny Galecki?

"I probably wouldn't go on "The Big Bang" because me and Chuck Lorre, we're not friends. He should get over it. He's in AA and when people are in AA they're not very forgiving. They need to start drinking and loosen up, I think!"

A little back story: Lorre used to write for "Roseanne," but Barr says she fired him when his drinking became a problem. She also said she turned down an appearance on "Two and a Half Men" because she thought his script was "putrid."

Would you do another reality show?

In the past she starred on "The Real Roseanne Show," which was canceled after she had to get a hysterectomy, and "Roseanne's Nuts," which was canceled after one season.

"It's too fake, that's what I tell them. No, I prefer something real. It was so anything but real. I would like to do a real reality show. I kind of pioneered the celebrity reality show but I had to give up my friggin' uterus to get off of that st, so I gladly did so!

"It would be really funny in a reality television show to let things unfold like they do in real life, but then they always have some hyper f
king bastard in New York and he's all jacked up on who knows what and he's like 'Where's the conflict?!' I go 'My family is happy, there isn't any conflict." That's not allowed.

As a champion of gay rights and pioneer of giving gay characters a voice on television, do you think it's better now than it was back in the day?

I do and I'll tell you why. My sister, she called me last week and she said she was very thrilled. We grew up in Salt Lake City and my sister's gay and so is my brother and they said they were thrilled there were Mormon moms marching in the pride parade, Mormons for Equality. I thought, that's a huge leap from when I grew up. That's a big advance, it shows how great even the far right has come a little more middle. That's a good thing. We need more middle.

What do you think Roseanne Conner is up to now?

I think she'd be a pot farmer in Hawaii and I think D.J. would be living with her with PTSD from Iraq. Goodman would be a ghost, a vision. I also think the idea that he's a zombie is a good one. Yeah, "Walking Dead." I think it would work! I have to explain that death thing. Everybody's about "The Walking Dead," aren't they?

Call it "The Walking Dan" and we're in!

Check out the gallery above to see how the stars of "Roseanne" have all aged through the years.

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